Here's How it Works...

On Shopchums, shoppers create detailed tags (posts) about the products they want to buy by providing these details:

  • the product name
  • brand (when applicable)
  • desired color (when applicable)
  • price point
  • if they prefer to buy it online or in-store
  • pictures or a video of the product (optional)
  • they can also add a personal message about the product they are looking for

They then specify the location (city, state/province or country) where they would like to make their purchase.

As soon as they upload a tag about any product, all businesses selling that product on Shopchums within the specified location will receive the tag - Live 24/7 - and can immediately respond with their offer.

From there, shoppers can pick the offer that best suits their needs and go directly to that business location or website to make their purchase!



Here’s how you can set-up your  Live Feed Source of Shoppers’ Tags

  • Set-up your Shopchums business profile
  • Go to the “Live Feed Tags From Shoppers” link and then select “Set-Up Live Feed To Receive Tags From Shoppers”
  • When creating your business customized live feed of shoppers’ tags, select and add all categories and sub-categories for the products your business sells.
  • Select the States / Provinces and Cities from which you want to receive Shoppers’ tags.

And you’re done! It’s that easy! From that point on, you’ll have continuous access to shoppers’ tags for all products in your pre-selected categories and sub-categories within your specified markets!

Shopchums gives you unprecedented potential access to ready-to-buy shoppers and allows you to


Shopchums allows you to reach shoppers who might not have seen or known about your product availability, or perhaps do not even know that your business exists! All that, with no advertising on your part or competing for search results positioning and without paying commissions to 3rd party marketplaces!

The Shopchums app is a dream come true for both shoppers and businesses.

Shoppers love it because they no longer must spend time and effort searching and trying to figure out where to buy what they are looking for and;

Businesses love it because they can create a potentially never-ending source of individual shoppers’ tags on Shopchums. They can immediately respond with personal offers LIVE 24/7, at the precise time that shoppers are ready to buy their products!

Business -

Set up your Shopchums Account and Messaging now!


Many retailers have discovered the power of live stream events as a tool to sell their products and keep their customer base engaged and coming back for more.  But what if you could make these live stream events even more effective and profitable? 

That’s exactly what you can do with Shopcast, totally new and exclusively available on Shopchums!  

Here’s how it works:  

Until now, businesses could only reach their existing customer base to let them know about upcoming live stream events.  But with Shopcast on Shopchums, you can not only notify your existing audience about your live stream, but about your live shopping events  reach NEW shoppers actively looking to buy the products you’re selling.  

We can do this for businesses like yours because of our tag system.  Every day, all day, everywhere, shoppers create tags that say they are searching for specific products.  And when they create a tag that matches what you’re selling, you can filter that request and invite them to your live stream.   

Just imagine… Now you’ll have both returning customers AND new shoppers attending your live events!   

Here’s an example of how it works. 

Let’s say John Doe created a tag to buy sneakers somewhere in Miami.  And let’s just say you happen to sell sneakers in the Miami area.  Even if John Doe has never heard of your company, Shopcast on Shopchums enables you to send him an invitation to attend your live stream sneaker selling event. 

He’ll show up to your live stream event as a red-hot lead, ready to learn more and buy your product.  Why?  Because he has stated he wants what you sell, and he’s happy that Shopchums matched him with a seller that can meet his needs. 

Shopcast by Shopchums is a win/win for everyone! 

No other company is offering this capability to the businesses on their platform.  You’ll see your sales soar by adding hot leads to your live streams besides your existing audience.   

And since Shopchums is a worldwide platform, you’ll be able to hold live streaming events multiple times a day in different markets globally to reach the customers actively searching for what you sell.   

for Shopcast today and get it as soon as it’s available!

Shopping and selling are simplified and short-circuited for both parties to the process. And as you respond to Shoppers’ tags and build markets with Live Shopcasts, you get live real-time feedback on what works for your business and what you might need to do to be more competitive, immediately!

Shopchums levels the playing field for all businesses, as it does not inherently confer or create advantages for any business. For example, for free, a local business can make a product offer to any Shopchums shopper, as easily as a national chain!

Shopchums gives your business direct access to ready-to-buy shoppers LIVE 24/7, in COMPLETELY new and unique ways to build your brand and your business! Shopchums – connecting businesses in real-time directly to shoppers looking to buy their products!

Be there now and make offers to increase your sales and market share.